6/26/18 - Mental health

With gun violence on the rise, and 2,737 kids dying each year from gun violence (, teens and others are having to deal with the grief and trauma these events bring. Unfortunately, some individuals turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with these feelings. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, PTSD, or just need more information on how to improve mental health amidst these scary and confusing times, use the resources provided below:

PTSD and Addiction 

Alcohol Addiction

Immediate Mental Health Help


5/25/18 -

Today, a number of gun control bills that BAStA supports passed a major hurdle in the California Legislature by getting out of the Appropriations Committees: AB-2222, AB-2382, and AB-3129 in the Assembly; SB-1100, SB-1200, SB-1281, and SB-1421 in the Senate. See our legislation page for more information on these important bills!

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5/5/18 - Basta takes prom

Off-duty for the night but back to planning for upcoming events by Sunday!