Most young people don’t vote. Could this year be different?

11/5/18 Vanessa Rancano: Last month, Bay Area Student Activists put on a voter forum at Berkeley High School with candidates for local and state offices.

“The energy these Bay Area students have put into the election remains atypical. The student survey found nationwide almost half of young people couldn’t name a single candidate running for office.”


Rally in san francisco

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Resist: Queer youth to the front of gun debate

High school student Jake Cohen addresses a crowd of about 80 people protesting gun violence at City Hall while prom attendees file in behind him. 

Christina A. DiEdoardo from the Bay Area Reporter on the contrast between the prom-goers and the group of student activists in front of City Hall: "It was as if a metaphor for what it means to be a teenager in America at this moment in history was playing out before our eyes."




We at are incredibly inspired by the student movement against gun violence happening in our country.  Bellow is coverage of that very movement by Bay Area Student Activists Kate Sippey.  Kate is a Junior in Highschool, at Head-Royce School in Oakland CA.

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San Francisco students hold vigil for Santa Fe HS shooting victims

It was a small rally on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, but it had a large, loud message.

"We are heartbroken but not surprised," said one.



Bay Area Students Journey to Sacramento to Press for Tighter Gun Control Laws

Bay Area students on Thursday are headed to the California capital to address one of the most pressing topics on the forefront of many Americans' minds: gun control.

The collection of roughly 300 students call themselves "Bay Area Student Activists," or BASTA for short, which translates to the word "enough" in Spanish. They plan to ask lawmakers to back four bills in support of tighter gun control.

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Bay Area students head to Sacramento to push for gun control

About 300 students from all over the Bay Area will travel to the state capital Thursday meet with state legislators urging them to support stricter gun legislation.

Oakland Tech sophomore class president Samuel Getachew, 15, said that he and his peers from 10 other schools want to stand a real stand.


Bay Area Students Converge on Capitol to Lobby for Gun Control Legislation

SACRAMENTO - Students from the Bay Area descended on the State Capitol on Thursday to make their pitches for a number of key pieces of gun control legislation. The students had 40 meetings with legislators and support staff.

“I just started reaching out through social media and now we’re here," organizer Ruby Baden-Lasar said.

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Generation Z finds its rebellious spirit in lobbying for gun reform

Nicole Karlis writes, "riding along with a busload of California students bound for Sacramento, I glimpsed the political future of Gen Z"

"It never occurred to me that teenage defiance could be part of something bigger, like skipping class to persuade state legislators to support common-sense gun laws."